I Could Lose My Job for Having a Voice


Signs carried by protesters read; Occupy Wall Street, Arrest the Bankers Not Protesters and one that sparked me write this article;

“I could lose my job for having a voice.” 

A dollar bill was taped over the mouth of the sign carrier but the young man spoke volumes.  The throng of the whistleblower.   Silence those who speak truth to power.  Corporations and government are committing wrongdoing everyday.  If anyone tries to tell or do something about it, shoot the messenger.  Here, put down the revolutionaries raising awareness that the American dream is dead.  Meanwhile, older Americans are acting like addled brained sheep waiting for big corporations and government to fix their problems.  It’s a stampede of stupidity ignoring that the very people who caused the global financial meltdown are still running the rodeo. 

Ruthless money-makers with a fiduciary duty caused intentional, immeasurable harm to people all around the globe.  Harm the government is eager to whisk away with settlement after settlement that allows the guilty to be free.  There will be no arrests of friends who made money through voodoo economics.  In return for the favor, that money will end up as campaign contributions.  If you have no money to contribute, why would a political party protect your rights?  Gives new meaning to the phrase—money talks.   Read More

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