One Percent / Ten Ton Shoes

One Percent/ 10 Ton Shoes
Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit

from the new album: Matadors
featuring footage shot at Occupy Oakland

Paul Benoit: Guitar, and Vocals
Chris Chandler: Spoken Word
Dan Weber: Drums
Doug Schoolcraft: Guitar
Brad White: Bass, Vocals

Recorded originally at: Squirley studio by: Ric Vaughan
with additional tracks by Colin Frangos in his Beatnik Basement, Oakland, CA

Original Video from Occupy Oakland shot by Anonymous
and Ericu507

all other found media from Anonymous’ distant cousin: Public Domain
Edited by Chris Chandler and Jen Delyth

Thanks to Shannon Morris, Colin Frangos, Occupy Oakland, Tourettes Without Regrets, Oakland Poetry Slam, Poetry Express, Paul Benoit, Jakael, Blake Harkins, Briano QTN,, Anne Feeney, & Jen Delyth

another bald tire production

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